Commercial Electrical Fencing

Commercial Electric Fencing

As a property owner, ensuring maximum security and protection for your premises is a top priority. Commercial Electric Fencing provides an optimal solution that deters unwanted intruders without interruption. With an uninterrupted power supply, this fencing operates continuously regardless of weather or lighting conditions to keep your space secure at all times. Advanced sensing technology detects any contact with the fence and instantly triggers an electric shock to repel the intruder. The shock is harmless but frightening enough to scare off most animals and humans. For effective protection of your commercial property or agricultural space without gaps, commercial electric fencing is a smart choice. Around-the-clock security gives you peace of mind that your space is shielded from unwanted visitors at any hour of the day or night.


How Commercial Electric Fencing Works

Commercial electric fencing uses electrical current to deter unauthorized access to commercial properties. As of Now, Commercial Electric Fencing has the type of fencing that comes equipped with backup power systems to ensure consistent operation regardless of weather or sunlight conditions.

How It Works

Commercial Electric Fencing provides systems that use a fence energizer to send pulsed electrical shocks through wire strands or tape on the fence. Sensors detect when the fence has been touched or cut, immediately triggering the energizer to release a non-lethal shock. This deters intruders and alerts the property owner to the security breach.

  • The fence energizer converts power from either AC or DC current into high-voltage pulses. It sends intermittent shocks through the fence at a rate of one pulse per second.
  • Fence strands or tape conduct the electric charge. Multiple strands or tapes increase the difficulty of cutting through the fence.
  • Sensors including touch plates, cut-off switches, and fence monitors detect contact and breaks in the fence, triggering the energizer.
  • Backup power supplies like rechargeable batteries and solar panels provide consistent power to the energizer in case of weather events or power outages.
  • Commercial electric fencing is a cost-effective, low-maintenance method of protecting commercial properties. When installed by professionals, it provides a psychological and physical barrier to intruders with virtually no downtime. We Have the right power systems and monitoring equipment, so business owners can rest assured their assets remain secure day or night when they ordered the best Commercial Electric Fencing.
  • Rajeshwari Enterprises has specialized in commercial electric fencing installation and maintenance for over 25 years. Our experience and expertise help ensure maximum security for your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can protect your commercial property.
Choosing the Right Energizer for Your Needs

To ensure your commercial electric fencing system operates as intended around the clock, selecting an appropriate energizer is critical. There are several factors to consider when choosing an energizer:

  • Power source - Choose between mains-powered, battery-powered, or solar-powered energizers. Mains-powered energizers provide consistent power but require proximity to an electrical outlet. Battery and solar-powered energizers offer more flexibility in placement but require battery maintenance or sufficient sunlight, respectively. For consistent 24-hour protection, a mains-powered energizer with battery backup is recommended.
  • Joule rating - The joule rating indicates the energizer's power output. A higher joule rating means greater deterrence power. For large commercial sites or high-security areas, an energizer with a joule rating of at least 2.0 joules is advisable.
  • Number of kilometers - The number of kilometers an energizer can power indicates how large an area it can adequately protect. Choose an energizer that can power your entire fencing perimeter for effective protection.
  • Energizer type - Continuous or pulsed energizers are available. Continuous energizers provide power nonstop, while pulsed energizers rapidly cycle power on and off. Either can be effective, so the choice depends on personal preference.
  • Additional features - Consider features like LCD displays to show the energizer is functioning properly, anti-tamper mechanisms, and timers to automatically deactivate power during certain hours. Such features improve security, safety, and convenience.
  • By evaluating your specific power, deterrence, and coverage needs, you can select a commercial electric fencing energizer well-suited to provide comprehensive protection for your location on a constant basis. With the right energizer powering your electric fencing, you can rest assured your property remains secure at all times.

You have seen the benefits of using commercial electric fencing to protect your property and assets. With a reliable power source, consistent voltage, and professional installation, this fencing provides an effective barrier against intruders while allowing you uninterrupted access. While the initial investment may seem costly, the long-term security and peace of mind afforded by a commercial system are worth the expense. So, Searched us Commercial Electric Fencing and you will never again have to worry about the sun setting on your security or wonder if the power outage has left you exposed. Take control of your property protection and gain confidence in an electric fencing solution that never takes a day off. Contact a professional installer to discuss your needs and discover how commercial fencing can provide the ultimate protection for your business or home.