Industrial Electric Fencing

Industrial Electric Fencing

You know electric fences as those things that give you a little zap if you touch them. But industrial electric fencing is a whole different animal. It’s not just about keeping things out—or in. These powerful fences are serious business and a major component of security for all kinds of facilities.

While electric fences provide a physical barrier, their real power comes from psychology. Just the sight of those wires and that hum is enough to deter most intruders. The fear of getting shocked, even if the voltage isn’t lethal, is enough to make people think twice. Because it’s more about the fear factor, industrial electric fences don’t require nearly as much metal as a traditional steel fence. They’re much more economical but provide many of the same benefits.

For high-security areas, industrial electric fences are a must. They create not only a physical barrier but a psychological one. One that says “keep out—or else.” But they do so at a fraction of the cost of other options. Pretty shocking how such a simple concept can be so effective, isn’t it?

How Industrial Electric Fencing Works

As the name suggests, industrial electric fencing uses electric shocks to deter intruders from entering a property. But how exactly does it work?

  • An electric fence energizer sends pulses of electricity through wires connected to posts around the perimeter of the area you want to secure. When an intruder touches the wire, the circuit is completed and they receive a non-lethal shock.
  • The shock surprises and scares off the intruder without causing permanent harm. The pain and surprise are unpleasant enough that they don’t want to try again! The psychological deterrent effect is very powerful.
  • Electric fences require very little physical material since they work primarily through the psychological barrier, making them extremely economical compared to steel or chain link fencing. The main components are just the posts, wire, and an energizer.
  • The energizer sends pulses of electricity through the wire at timed intervals. The timing and intensity of the shocks can often be adjusted based on your needs and location. More frequent pulses and higher voltage provide better security for high-risk areas.
  • Warning signs should be posted around the fence to caution potential intruders about the electric shock risk. Proper signage also helps avoid accidental contact with wildlife or unauthorized access.
  • When installed properly, industrial electric fencing provides an extremely effective barrier that can deter intruders of all types. The minimal material requirements also make it a very affordable and low-maintenance option for long-term security.
  • Overall, by using high-voltage electric shocks as a deterrent, industrial electric fencing creates an economical yet powerful psychological barrier to unauthorized access or intrusion. With proper installation and components, it can provide extremely effective security for all types of properties and locations.
Types of Industrial Electric Fences and Their Uses

When it comes to securing industrial properties, electric fencing is an affordable yet effective option. There are a few types to choose from based on your needs:

  • Permanent electric fences use galvanized steel or aluminum posts and wire that is electrified using an energizer. These provide a long-lasting physical and psychological barrier. Popular for securing storage yards, construction sites, and agricultural properties.
  • Portable electric fences can be installed and removed as needed using plastic posts and electrified wire or tape. Perfect for short-term security at events, remote sites, or when frequent access is required.
  • Solar-powered electric fences are a good choice if no power source is available. They use solar panels to charge batteries that power the energizer and electric fence. Ideal for remote locations, farms, ranches, and wildlife exclusion.
  • Underground electric fences use insulated wire buried a few inches in the ground to create an invisible barrier. The energizer releases an electric pulse through the wire which deters intruders from entering the area. Often used for high-security sites where esthetics are a concern.
  • With the variety of options available, there’s an industrial electric fence for nearly any application. They’re more affordable and require less maintenance than traditional steel fencing. The energizers can also be equipped with security lights, alarms, and monitoring systems for added protection.
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That's the lowdown on industrial electric fencing. It may seem like an unassuming barrier but it packs a powerful psychological punch that deters even the boldest intruders. The next time you pass by an electric fence surrounding a factory or warehouse, you'll know there's more to it than meets the eye. With just a few charged wires and posts, it creates an invisible wall that's as strong as any steel barrier. For maximum security at a minimal cost, electric fencing is a smart choice for protecting industrial properties and keeping unauthorized visitors out. You don't need a massive investment in infrastructure when a few thousand volts of electricity can do the job.